Job Card





Company Location Unit

Units at: North and South Goa


Name of HR/ Contact Person

Mrs Usha Nasnodkar, Manager HR


Email for contact:,


Phone/ Mobile Number of Contact:



Job Profile/ Position



No. of Positions Required

One (3)


Preference of Candidate, if any.

Should adapt to the kind of hours and timings that would be required to be put in for the job.


Minimum Educational Qualifications.

Graduate or BBA with Marketing or HR or Finance as Electives.


Other Attributes

Either English or Hindi fluency. Pleasant and smart personality. Should be a strong Team leader.

Should be proficient in Spreadsheets and strictly adhere to EOD reporting formats.

Should confirm to and advocate discipline.

Should possess own 2 wheeler for mobility.


Experience Requirements

Previous experience in a similar position in a Retail outlet for a minimum of 2 years. Should have undergone work related training programmes in earlier job.


Preferred Age:


Below 40 years. Can be relaxed for deserving candidates.


Shift/ Timings proposed:

Before Store opening and after Store Closing. Flexibility in timings is possible if Store targets and discipline is maintained.


Salary Bracket of suitable candidate on a CTC basis:

On probation period for 3 months Rs. 22000.00 per month. Fit in period may extend to 6 months.

Post Probation and successful review, CTC to be revised upto  a max of Rs. 30,000.00 per month


Other Benefits offered:

Membership Under Staff Discount Scheme

Uniform/ Badge will be provided.


Any Other:

Sales and Target achievement Incentives, PF, ESI benefits, Leave and Weekly Off as per Company policies, Discounted shopping  vouchers, Accident and Personal Insurance Cover as per Co. policies.





Sub: Appointment Letter




With respect to your having successfully completed your contract/probation period with us, we are pleased to appoint you as ………………………….

with the MAGSONS GROUP, known as the Company, with effect from ………………………….

on the following terms and conditions:


1.Total Salary and Benefits

Your salary and perquisites, calculated as CTC (Cost to the Company) with this appointment will be Rs………………………….per annum.  Refer to Annexure attached.


2. Leave

15 Days of each completed year of service and unavailed leave can be accumulated upto 30 days. In case of termination, the unavailed leave cannot be used and Clause 8a only will apply.  For other forms of leave and entitlement, please consult our HR Manual or our HR Executives for complete details.


3. Exclusive Contract

You will devote your whole time and attention exclusively to the duties entrusted to you and will not engage yourself or work for any other person or Company in any capacity whatsoever, nor do any private business without obtaining previous permission from the Company in writing.


4. Secrecy

4.1 You shall not disclose, publish or authorize anyone else to disclose, divulge and publish during the tenure of your employment or subsequently, any confidential or secret information, acquired in the course of your employment with the Company. In particular, you shall not reveal to any person any information concerning the organization, business, finances, transactions or affairs of the Company or any of its subsidiaries, which may come to your knowledge during your employment.

4.2 You also agree that within one year after leaving the Company, you shall not, without the written consent of the Company, be employed with or be financially interested, directly or indirectly, with any business substantially similar to or competing directly or indirectly with any business carried on by the Company.


5. Transferability

You shall be located at Taleigao HO. The Company will however by free to transfer you to:

  1. Any department or branch at any place in the City, State, Country where the company has or may have its office/ business.
  2. Any of the concerns under the MAGSONS umbrella, as above. On such transfer, you will be governed by the terms and conditions and fringe benefits that are applicable to your category at the place of your transfer.


6. Retirement

On attaining the age of 60 years, you are liable to be retired from the services of the Company. The management at its discretion is at the liberty to extend the service period.



7. Resignation

Resignations are to be submitted in writing by giving a2 (two) months’ notice to the Company. An employee, who leaves the service of the company without giving the above notice period, shall forfeit the salary in lieu of the period.


8. Notice of Termination

8a. Your services are liable to be terminated by the Company at any time for non-conformity of the Company’s policies, in any form, by giving one month’s notice in writing or by paying one month’s salary in lieu of this notice. In the event of grave misconduct by the employee, the Company shall be at a liberty to waive the above notice period and the salary in lieu of the Notice period and terminate the services thenceforth. The decision of the Company in either case shall be final and binding on the employee.

8b. Upon the termination of your employment or resignation, you will return to the Company all the documents, information, literature, equipmentetc in your possession relating to the business of the Company, or as provided to you by the Company, without retaining any copies. You will also return any property of the Company in your possession.


9. Change in address

Any change in your residential address should be notified in writing forthwith to the Company. All communications addressed to you will be on the last notified address and it will be presumed that you will have received such communication addressed to you.


10. General

10a. You shall diligently, faithfully and to the best of your ability serve the Company with your best endeavor to promote the interest of the Company.

10b. Perform all duties that may be entrusted to you from time to time and for the performance of all such duties, use all the knowledge, skill and experience that you possess, to the entire satisfaction of the management.

10c. Work extra hours if the job so requires.

10d. You agree to abide by the Company work timings.

10e. You will be governed and abide by the service rules and regulations of the Company that are in force and which are attached herewith, which you acknowledge, and also those which will be introduced from time to time.

10f. During your tenure of service with us, you will be fully responsible for the handling and  maintenanceof all the equipment or any other assets of the company that have been placed under your responsibility and the same would stand to be recovered from you, by value, for negligence or oversight.

The above Terms and Conditions are subject to the Company policy, as will stand amended from time to time.


We welcome you in our organization and look forward to a long, mutually beneficial and meaningful career for you in our company.


Please sign and return to us the attached duplicate copy of this letter, within two days of the date mentioned herebelow, in confirmation of your having read, understood and accepted employment on the above terms. In absence of such confirmation, it will be assumed that you are not interested in the offer and the same shall stand withdrawn without any further notice to you.


Yours faithfully




SrManager –Human Resources


This acceptance is in accordance with the previous pages of Appointment as read and understood by me. My Job Description remains unchanged as mentioned in my earlier Contract Letter.


I accept the appointment on all the above Terms and Conditions.

I also undertake to follow all mandatory and statutory requirements in relation to the ESIC and EPF laws and other Government laws and levies that are in force.


My current place of appointment: _________________________


My current Work timings: ________________________________



________________________                                ____________________________________________

Signature:                                                                                           Name:



Details of the Salary pm:













Gross (A)


PF Contribution






Gross (B)


CTC = (A)+(B)


Less:  PF Contr


Less: ESI Contr


Deductions (C)


Take Home








Mobile No:                                                         Res.No:                                                email:



Joined on: ________________               Left on: ______________   Reason: __________________________


Ratings:[  ] ____________________    [  ] _____________________  [  ] _______________________




























This is to confirm the terms and conditions on which you are offered a purely contractual employment for the post of POSITIONwith the MAGSONS Group for a fixed period from contract period on the following terms & conditions:-


  1. Your consolidated CTC (Cost to the Company) will be Rs­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­  per month. You will not be eligible to receive any other monetary amount during this Contract period.


  1. Your contractual employment with this company will automatically expire at the end of the abovementioned period and no further notice of the expiry of such abovementioned period shall be given to you. The Company will not be under any obligation to confer you with permanent status on completion of your contract.
  2. This contract can be terminated at any time during the aforesaid period either party by giving each a 15 day notice in writing. However, with this letter you are committing to a non-exit clause of three months after joining failing which the Company has all the rights to withhold any or all emoluments that would be due to you.
  3. However, such notice by the Company shall not be deemed necessary in case of termination of your services if you are found guilty of misconduct (including dishonesty, absence without leave, and disobedience of lawful orders or instructions, on duty in an intoxicated state or any conduct prejudicial to the interest of the Company or its employees and or any other misconduct). This contract may also be terminated at any time if you are found medically or mentally unfit for employment.
  4. It is agreed that you will not solicit tips or benefits in cash or kind from the customers or any person having business with the company and shall adhere to high standards of moral ethics.
  5. You will not be entitled to any paid leaves during the duration of the above contract with the company. Whilst in the employment, you shall not take up any other part time or whole time job with any other company, nor shall you involve yourself in any trade, calling, professional or pass time without the express prior permission of the management.
  6. An amount of Rs 1000.00 will be deducted from your first salary and retained as security deposit with the company, refundable on return of the uniform and name badge on leaving of services. In the event of termination of your services or at the end of your contract with us, you shall return to the company all its properties/material/uniform etc. including correspondence that maybe in your possession. The management shall have a right to recover from you the cost of any such article that was in your responsibility, if it is lost or damaged while in your custody and to take such other actions as it finds necessary.
  7. During the period of your contract you will not disclose any information relating to the company or its associates to any unauthorized person, firm or company whatsoever, either during the period of contract with this company or after its termination and you shall hold in the strictest confidence all professional secrets or trade secrets of the company and / or other details which you may come to know during the course of your employment or arising out of your employment with us.
  8. You will be honest and sincere in your transactions and you will have no objection to the company investigating your conduct at any time through any resource available to the company and the company will be at liberty to publish your name and photo in whatever media suitable if you are found guilty of any misconduct at any stage.
  9. During the above mentioned period of your contract with the company, you will be subject to the standing Orders, Rules and Regulations as enforced by the Company from time to time.
  10. Your income in the Company will be subject to statutory deductions such as E.S.I.C, P.F., L.W.F., TDS etc. (whichever applicable) as per Government rules and regulations in force from time to time.
  11. You shall be regular in attendance and abide by the rules, regulations and orders including disciplinary and safety regulations applicable to the company.
  12. You shall at all times when on duty be appropriately attired and groomed as per the norms of the company.
  13. You shall at all times behave in an amicable manner with your superiors, colleagues as well as subordinates.
  14. You will be required to work in shifts, as and when required or advised by your superiors. You will also be required to work at any place or location of the company where you may be transferred at any time for any duration during your contract with the company & you shall not at any time refuse to work in any job professionally allotted to you.
  15. You will attend all Orientation and Training sessions as may be deemed as a necessary part of your contract/employment with the Company.
  16. You shall be responsible to reimburse/ compensate the Company of any pilferage(s) and/or any damage/loss caused by your negligence or lack of foresight within one month of the said pilferage/loss/damages. Besides the management shall be at liberty to take any disciplinary action or any other or any further action as deemed fit and proper.


In token of your acceptance of the appointment subject to the aforementioned terms and conditions, you are requested to sign and return the enclosed copy of this letter for our record.


We take this opportunity of welcoming you to our organization and wish you a successful tenure with us.

Yours truly,








I acknowledge that I have read the copy of the MAGSONS GROUP HR Policies, and I commit to follow these policies as mentioned and amended from time to time.

I understand that if, at any time, I have questions regarding the Company policies I should direct them to my immediate superior or to the Human Resources Department of the Group.

I understand that the Company policies and other related documents given to me do not form a contract of permanent employment and do not assure any guarantee of the conditions and benefits that are described therein. Nevertheless, the provisions of such Company policies are incorporated into the acknowledgment, and I agree that I shall abide by its provisions.

I am also aware that the Company, at any time maychange, add to, or delete any of the stated provisions of the company policies.



Employee’s Printed Name                              Position


________________________________        ___________________________

Employee’s Signature                         Date




Photo of the Employee

                                                Date of Joining:Timing –



                                                Position Offered:




Note: Please find attached the Schedule for the Induction and orientation programme to be conducted for all new joinees.

Those who attend this programme will be eligible to join from …………………………..