Suckling Pig (Frozen)

Suckling Pig (Frozen)
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Suckling Pig (Frozen)

Since ancient times, nothing gives such a distinct significance of a “Grand Feast “” than a roasted suckling pig.  The term "suckling" reflects the fact that they only consumed their mother's milk. Most suckling pigs weigh less than 5 Kgs. Suckling pig meat is more gelatinous because of the large amount of collagen present, therefore the meat is tender and Juicy  when roasted. Usually stuffed and  roasted whole Prepared according various styles and tastes, with traditional and Moderns variations, From  the Far East to Americas. The suckling pig has been recognized as a “Global Ingredient”.

Choice of Stuffing (sold loose)
Ratatouille (veg), chicken or mixed meats
Choice of Sauces (comes with  Stuffed Turkey or Jumbo Chicken)
Cranberry, Red Wine or Bbq Pepper Sauce

Limited orders accepted. Online orders not accepted.

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