Pedigree Chicken & Rice For Senior Dog - 3 Kg

Pedigree Chicken & Rice For Senior Dog - 3 Kg
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Pedigree Chicken & Rice for Senior Dog (3 kg)

The Pedigree Chicken and Rice for senior dog is a specially formulated food for all your senior dogs that need special nutrition to maintain a healthy life and keep a check on the weight. The 3kg pack provides all the necessary nutrition to your senior dogs. It will help to maintain a healthy skin and coat. The food will also help to maintain the teeth and joint health of all your senior dogs.

The chicken and rice food from Pedigree is a palatable food for all dogs above the age of seven. The food is highly digestible and does not leave much waste. Chicken provides the necessary animal protein that helps to maintain the lean muscles of your pet. The teeth and joints need special attention especially after seven years of age and the Pedigree 3kg formula helps you to ensure that they both are maintained. This is a complete food for your pet and does not need any substitutes just ensure that your pet has ample clean drinking water.

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